onsdag 2. august 2017

German edition of my bird book

The German edition of my bird book will be published in October. The title: Das verborgene Leben der Meisen. 

torsdag 11. august 2016

Two newspaper reviews of the Finnish edition!

My book about the secret life of the great tit and the blue tit is reviewed in the major Helsinki paper Iltalehti and also in another paper called Kouvolan Sanomat. As far as I understand the reviews of "Tiaisten salainen elämä" (Meisenes hemmelige liv) are quite favorable!

mandag 8. august 2016

Here are the results from the Finnish jury

Recently my songbird book - about the great tit and the blue tit, which are among the most common garden birds across Europe - was was translated from Norwegian and published in Finnish. It is strange to see your own work in a language you hardly understand a single word of!

A few Finnish book bloggers have read and reviewed Tiaisten salainen elämä / Meisenes hemmelige livAnd unless Google translate is playing tricks on me, they all do like it.

Thanks for reviewing, in any case. It means a lot that someone takes the effort to spread the word about new books.

Here are the reviews:

tirsdag 7. juni 2016

Book in Finnish

My book about common garden birds - the great tit and the blue tit - has been translated to Finnish. Here's the presentation of the Finnish edition from the publisher, Atena.
I don't understand a word of it, but I like the cover!

lørdag 26. desember 2015

Book about common garden birds

My book about two of the most common garden birds in Scandinavia - the great tit and the blue tit - was published in Norwegian in August 2015.

Norla, a body promoting Norwegian literature abroad, selected it as one of a handfull of titles to promote at international book fairs.

Read Norla's presentation of the book. 

onsdag 25. september 2013

Children's aquarium book published

The Aquarium Book for Kids is now available in Norwegian.This is a not an ebook but a regular book printed on high quality paper with a hard cover. It is illustrated with photographs, mostly my own, and the pages are made by a professional book designer. I am really proud of the result!

The book can be ordered online right now from my own site akvariebok.no. It will also be distributed through booksellers and pet shops across Norway.

torsdag 14. februar 2013

Zebrafish Ebook Available through Smashwords

I've published the Meet the Zebrafish ebook at Smashwords.com. You can buy there right away. In a few days, it should also become available at Apple iBooks and barnesandnoble.com. The book has been available from Amazon.com since November.